Google Street View is a Google Maps feature that displays images of houses, businesses and other views seen from public roads. Google’s Street View cars drive down roads, taking frequent pictures and marking them with the location. Anyone online can see the photos and they’re a convenient way of exploring faraway places or just your local neighbourhood. Google realises that some people find Street View a privacy concern and provides a method for people to remove photos of their houses from Google Street View.


    1. Open Google Maps (see Resource.)
    2. Locate your house by typing its address into the search box and pressing “Enter.”
    3. Click the red marker representing your house on the map.
    4. Click “Street View.”
    5. Adjust Google Street View until you see your house by clicking the left and right arrows on the Street View image.
    6. Click the “Report a Problem” link at the bottom-left corner of the Street View image.
    7. Click “Privacy Concerns,” “My House” and “I Have Found a Picture of My House and Would Like It Removed.”
    8. Type your privacy concerns into the “Please Describe the Problem” box.
    9. Type your e-mail address into the “Email Address” box.
    10. Type the characters that you see in the picture into the “Word Verification” box.
    11. Click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the Web page.