photo made by your friend may break your online privacy

In our online age we try our best in making our photo reputation online. We choose the best and interesting photos and post them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. We like to watch the rising number of likes, share those photos with friends and watching throught numerous positive comments… It is a perfect situation when YOU post YOUR photo in the Internet. Such photos are unlikely to spoil Your reputation.

On the other side, we are living in social world where where communication is everything. We socialize and make friends everywhere. We spend much of our life time on work, with our friends or with our family.

Photos made together with Your family members will not harm Your reputation. Most likely Your family will post online only best of Your photos.

Another side of the coin – photos of You made by Your friends and colleagues. All that “going to pub with friends after work” photos may cause serious effects. Especially when camera is not in Your hands.

Here are some advices how to protect Your online photo reputation and Your online privacy when photo of You was made by a friend and posted online.

Firstly, try to avoid photos and videos when You take alcohol. It means that photo of You may be not aesthetically pleasing while You are a bit drank or sitting with the bottle of whiskey.

Secondly, You should avoid photos in “bad” company. In some cases we meet people that are not advisable to make photo with. For example, Your wife will not be happy to see recent photo of You in company with Your ex girlfrend on instagram.¬†Your boss also wouldn’t be pleased to see you on photo with rival company members.

Thirdly, it is better to avoid photos in “bad” places – such as night clubs with bad reputation etc.

Finally, it is better to avoid photos where You look not handsome enought – such photos appear online in most cases because of Your “friends”.

But what to do if You noticed that “bad” photo of You has been already made?

You can ask the photo maker to delete it immediately, if it is possibe. If it is not – You should visit his page in social services as quick as possible and if You see there “bad”photo of You, ask him politely to delete it. In 90% of cases it will help and he will delete Your photo from the Internet. In other 10% – he will not delete Your photo and this means he is not actully Your friend…